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Monday, 18 October 2010

I have a Voice not just inside my head!!!

I want to be heard, I may not have gone to public school or had the best education mummy and daddy could afford, but im just as much a part of this society as anyother person on the street.

My opinions are valid yet don't seem to count!  My words are wasted like food when people are dying of starvation.

I hear so many people tell me whats right and what is wrong but i don't hear people ask What do you think?  Is my perception not good enough am I just like they say a pawn in a mighty game?

I am not a number nor a name on a list I am me!!  No one will be born again like me we are all unique in our own right and DNA can prove this, we are not statistics people we are, we live, we breathe Make the most of your life and make it count, don't fear, fear you have never felt embrace it for it is better to have lived and learned than to have not lived at all!

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